1912 demonstration of Jujutsu

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classical jujutsu

Takisabura Tobari and Taro Miyake demonstrating the “ude garami” (the “americana”).

This film was part of a newsreel shot in 1912 (presumably in Paris). The first portion of this video is of Tobari and Miyake demonstrating jujutsu techniques in a classical fashion.

Takisabura Tobari was a Tenjin Shin’yo Ryu Jujutsu practitioner and Taro Miyake was a Kodokan Judo practitioner and a professional “challenge wrestler”. The latter was known for having defeated Yukio Tani a Kodokan Judo instructor who was also one of the instructors of the “Bartitsu Club” in London.
The later portion of the video shows self-defense techniques. It is probable that the practitioners are S.K. Eida, Shozo Kanaya and Yuzo Hirano.

What’s interesting is that this footage is shot around the same time frame as when Mitsuyo Maeda taught early Kodokan Judo in Brazil. Mitsuyo Maeda was of course the teacher of Carlos Gracie. Carlos Gracie, with his brother Helio Gracie, Luis Franca and Oswaldo Fadda were the first who developed and spread Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil.

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