1964 International Karate Championships

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The International Karate Championships, or the IKC, was the brainchild of Ed Parker – the founder of American Kenpo Karate.

The inaugural event was in August of 1964 at the Long Beach Auditorium with thousands of spectators and over 850 contenders competing in various events.

In addition, this event was attended by martial arts luminaries like: Fumio Demura, Tsutomu Oshima, Robert Trias, Chuck Norris, Ark Y. Wong, Mike Stone, Joe Lewis, Ben Largusa, Tak Kubota, Anthony Mirakian, Jhoon Rhee and a host of others.

The event is 1964 is probably the most famous because it was the event where Bruce Lee was introduced to the western audience for the first time with his now famous display of Gung Fu. (Bruce Lee appeared to do another demonstration at the Long Beach Internationals in 1967).

In addition to Bruce Lee, there were demonstrations of: Filipino Martial Arts by Ben Largusa; Sil Lum Gung Fu by Ark Y. Wong; Japanese Karate by Tsutomu Oshima (a student of Shotokan Karate founder Gichin Funakoshi) and Tak Kubota; Tae Kwon Do by Jhoon Rhee; Okinawan Karate (Goju Ryu) by Anthony Mirakian; and by the host Ed Parker.

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