American Kenpo – In Ed Parker’s Own Words

December 27, 20120 Comments

Ed Parker introduced the first American version of Karate to the United States, and started a commercial school in 1954.

He called this art American Kenpo Karate.

American Kenpo was created to make the traditional martial arts movements more practical and current (to the type of attacks seen in a more modern environment).

As a youth Ed Parker studied judo and later started training Kenpo Karate, first under the supervision of Frank Chow and later with Frank’s brother Professor William Chow.

It was Professor Chow that taught Ed Parker to question the traditional arts and look for practical and innovative applications of movement.

Note: Some of the historical background information on the development of Karate is not accurate. 

Here’s a clip from one of Mr. Parker’s seminars (from 1989) on the principle of “Point of Origin”.

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