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1912 demonstration of Jujutsu

January 23, 20160 Comments

This film was part of a newsreel shot in 1912 (presumably in Paris). The first portion of this video is of Tobari and Miyake demonstrating jujutsu techniques in a classical fashion. Takisabura Tobari was a Tenjin Shin’yo Ryu Jujutsu practitioner and Taro Miyake was a Kodokan Judo practitioner and a professional “challenge wrestler”. The latter was […]

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First Televised MMA Match in America

October 28, 20150 Comments

Did you know that the first officially televised “MMA match” here in the US was not the UFC but a match between Milo Savage, a boxer, versus the legendary “Judo” Gene LeBell? Over 50 years ago?!? The bout took place on December 2nd, 1963 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The fight was arranged by Mr. […]

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Top 10 Judo Throws from Paris Grand Prix 2015

October 27, 20150 Comments

These are the Top 10 Ippon’s from the 2015 Paris Grand Slam Judo tournament. There are some great lessons in this 3 minute video! Here are the throws in order of appearance: 10. Kosoto Gake – Small outside hook throw (小外掛) by Shaxzod Sbirov 9. Harai Goshi – Sweeping hip throw (払腰) by Cyrille Maret 8. Tai Otoshi – […]

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Legends of Wrestling: Karl Gotch vs Billy Robinson

November 14, 20140 Comments

Billy Robinson and Karl Gotch are legends in the world of wrestling. They both began their careers in Europe and later became famous in Japan as wrestlers and trainers, and they both were influential in the creation of the Japanese shoot style of wrestling (professional wrestling). Robinson began his career as an amateur wrestler and […]

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Sometimes offense is the best defense…

November 14, 20140 Comments

One guy, 2 knock outs… Pre-emptive striking can sometimes be your best defense in a fight. While striking someone first is not ideal from a legal standpoint (and we’re not offering legal advice here), but  if you believe you are in danger and have tried withdrawing and the attacker continues advancing and threatening it “could” be […]

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Marriage of Aikido & Sambo: AikiSambo

November 10, 20141 Comment

A while back I came across an interesting amalgam of Aikido and Sambo, called AikiSambo (clever name). It’s an art developed by Kenji Nakazawa sensei at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. Kenji Nakazawa sensei is a 5th Dan in Yoshinkan Aikido, and learned Sambo techniques from Victor Koga (who is a master of grappling arts, […]

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Korean Special Forces: The Real TKD?

November 3, 20140 Comments

This video shows a martial arts demonstration by the Korean Special Forces (Special Forces Brigade) that is reminiscent of the national sport of South Korea, Tae Kwon Do. While they share similar roots, the art is actually called Teukgong Moo Sool. Teukgong Moo Sool is based on what they deemed the most effective techniques of arts […]

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Hélio Gracie’s last interview

October 19, 20140 Comments

This interview was taken from a 30-minute special on a Brazilian TV Network called SPORTV from the GLOBO TV network. This interview is from December 2008, when Grandmaster Helio Gracie was 95 years old talking about his life and his art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. It also includes footage of other BJJ luminaries including his sons, […]

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