Casting Strikes: Destructive Punching Technique?

December 19, 20120 Comments

Casting of strikes uses a whipping motion – as if drawing a figure 8 with your finger in front of you.

This movement is typically taught in a kinetic link that starts by engaging the shoulder, elbow to hand; to create enlongated whip like movement. Once it’s been learned you can compress this into smaller and smaller movements.

This type of striking allows you to use less effort to strike while generating lots of power and penetration into the opponent, which means if trained properly, can be used to great effect to stop a would be attacker.

This type of technique can be seen in some Chinese systems and very often in Russian martial arts systems and the term “casting” was coined by A. A. Kadochnikov.

As one becomes more accustomed to delivering this type of strike, you can start to add additional recruitment of force by adding weight shifts, rotational movements (pelvic rotation), using gravity (by lifting / dropping weight) and using the spine as a whip.

In this video you will see Mr. Kevin Secours, a well-known Systema teacher, demonstrate the issuance of power by isolating the hand, elbow and shoulder… then combining them into a kinetic chain to issue force.

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