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1912 demonstration of Jujutsu

January 23, 20160 Comments

This film was part of a newsreel shot in 1912 (presumably in Paris). The first portion of this video is of Tobari and Miyake demonstrating jujutsu techniques in a classical fashion. Takisabura Tobari was a Tenjin Shin’yo Ryu Jujutsu practitioner and Taro Miyake was a Kodokan Judo practitioner and a professional “challenge wrestler”. The latter was […]

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Marriage of Aikido & Sambo: AikiSambo

November 10, 20141 Comment

A while back I came across an interesting amalgam of Aikido and Sambo, called AikiSambo (clever name). It’s an art developed by Kenji Nakazawa sensei at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. Kenji Nakazawa sensei is a 5th Dan in Yoshinkan Aikido, and learned Sambo techniques from Victor Koga (who is a master of grappling arts, […]

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Mas Oyama 20th Anniversary of his passing

April 26, 20140 Comments

Today marks the 20th year since the passing of the founder of Kyokushinkai Karate, Sosai Mas Oyama. His teachings has made a massive impact on thousands of students around the world and spurred many off-shoot systems, including: Ashihara Karate, Enshin Karate, Daido Juku (Kudo), Oyama Juku, Seido Juku, Seidokaikan, Shinkyokushin, Seibukai and many more.

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Steven Seagal’s Aikido – The Path Beyond Thought

June 27, 20131 Comment

This documentary includes tons of footage of Steven Seagal’s Aikido and interviews with his students, and is titled “The Path Beyond Thought”. It should mentioned that this is NOT an instructional video, nor is it a “Seagal’s Aikido story” type of video. It is really aimed, in my opinion, as a video for people uninitiated […]

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Kyuzo Mifune – the “god of judo”

May 24, 20130 Comments

Kyuzo Mifune is very possibly the best Judo exponent ever… often referred to as “God of Judo”. Mifune sensei began training Judo in 1903 at the Kodokan under the direction of the founder, Jigoro Kano, and received his Shodan (1st degree black belt) in 15 months.  4 short months later he was already a “Nidan” […]

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Viking Cronholm – A Jiu-Jitsu Pioneer

February 24, 20130 Comments

This is rare video footage of Mr. Viking Cronholm. He was a Swede who learned presumably early Judo while in South Africa around the turn of the 20th century. He introduced Jiu Jitsu to Sweden around 1908 and continued to teach until the 1950s. He published a book titled “Jiu Jitsu” in 1908.

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Keiko Fukuda Sensei Passes Away

February 10, 20130 Comments

We just heard Judo Pioneer Keiko Fukuda Sensei passed away earlier this afternoon at 99 years of age. She was a student under both the founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano Sensei, and Kyuzo Mifune and started her training in judo in 1935. In 2011, she was the first woman to achieve 10th Dan in Judo. Rest […]

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The 100-Man Kumite of Kyokushinkai

January 25, 20131 Comment

The 100-man kumite is known as one of the toughest tests of your endurance (both physically and mentally) in martial arts. It originates from Mas Oyama’s Kyokushinkai Karate, known for its ‘bare knuckle’ style of kumite (sparring). The 100-man kumite, also known as “Hyakunin Kumite” (百人組手) in Japanese, is one hundred 1.5 to 2 minute […]

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