Marriage of Aikido & Sambo: AikiSambo

November 10, 20141 Comment

A while back I came across an interesting amalgam of Aikido and Sambo, called AikiSambo (clever name). It’s an art developed by Kenji Nakazawa sensei at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. Kenji Nakazawa sensei is a 5th Dan in Yoshinkan Aikido, and learned Sambo techniques from Victor Koga (who is a master of grappling arts, […]

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Steven Seagal’s Aikido – The Path Beyond Thought

June 27, 20131 Comment

This documentary includes tons of footage of Steven Seagal’s Aikido and interviews with his students, and is titled “The Path Beyond Thought”. It should mentioned that this is NOT an instructional video, nor is it a “Seagal’s Aikido story” type of video. It is really aimed, in my opinion, as a video for people uninitiated […]

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