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Historical Footage of Siamese Boxing

August 11, 20130 Comments

Historical Siamese Boxing footage from the 1920s… which eventually became known as “Muay Thai”. Because Thailand was still called Siam when this footage was filmed, there was no “Muay THAI” but was referred to as Muay Boran (which means “ancient boxing”), Siamese Boxing or Indo-Chinese Boxing (such as Pradal Serey, Lethwei, Muay Lao, Muay Boran, […]

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Guro Dan Inosanto Demonstration of Filipino Martial Arts / Kali

June 26, 20130 Comments

This is the complete footage of the demonstration by Guro Dan Inosanto at the Smithsonian Museum for the Filipino American History Month, which occurred on October 27th, 2010. In this video Guro Dan talks history of the Filipino Martial Arts, various weapons configurations of Kali (stick, knife etc.) as well as the use of the […]

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The Bladed Hand: Interview with Jay Ignacio

December 28, 20120 Comments

This past fall, Jay Philip Ignacio traveled all across the United States showcasing his documentary on the Filipino Martial Arts called the “Bladed Hand”. This documentary was filmed not only in the Philippine Islands but also in Hong Kong, Russia, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Bay area (Oakland). It features Filipino Martial Arts […]

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