Street Self-Defense Techniques: The Heavy Palm Strike

December 23, 20121 Comment

When looking at self-preservation techniques, there are several criteria you need to look at. Among them, 3 principles stand out: It has to be easy to learn It has to be simple to do It has to be effective (even for the smaller person) With that said, one of the techniques that have often ignored […]

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Basic Self-Defense Techniques: The Matador Defense

December 13, 20121 Comment

Evasive footwork is one of the most important, yet “basic” things you must master when learning martial arts for self-defense. Why? Because in a self-defense situation you are rarely in a duel. Instead you will meet guys that rushes in and tries to take you down quickly. So, how do you find a solution to […]

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Knife Quick Draw Drills and Techniques

December 11, 20120 Comments

There are tons of instructional material out there on knife and weapons training. Typically most of the information out there deals with material where a person have already drawn weapons and are in a “duel” type of environment…

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