Punching From Angles

April 26, 20141 Comment

“Never finish an attack where you started”. All the great defensive boxers follow that rule, but using angles is about more than just evasion. I’ve put together a compilation video of some great fighters and how they’ve used angles to make their attacks nearly unstoppable. Check out Guillermo Rigondeaux, Roy Jones Jr., Yuriorkis Gamboa, Mike […]

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Drill to develop coordination and speed (in boxing)

December 14, 20120 Comments

Coach Dennis Blue shows you a simple boxing drill from Cuban and Russian training methodology called Reverse Neural Processing. This drill will help you develop speed and coordination when throwing your boxing combinations by having your training partner perform all boxing combinations in reverse. In other words, the trainer (the person holding the mitts) will […]

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Training Exercises for Hand Speed, Balance and Reflexes

December 10, 20120 Comments

Here are four very simple drills you can do at home with and without a partner to develop your reflexes, hand speed, balance and equilibrium. These exercises are taught by former Light Welterweight Boxing Champion, Kostya Tzyu.

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