The Source of Bruce Lee’s “Be Water, My Friend” Quote

July 23, 20130 Comments

There are many famous quotations by Bruce Lee, and one of the most famous quotes is his “Be Water, My Friend” quote from his interview with Pierre Berton show. The video above contains the original source of the “Be Water” quote from the short-lived TV series “Longstreet”. The following is the original quote: “If you try […]

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Footwork with Sifu Ted Wong – Jeet Kune Do

March 14, 20130 Comments

Here’s a short video of the late Sifu Ted Wong, the last of Bruce Lee’s personal students, teaching basic footwork for kicking.

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Bruce Lee Demonstration in Washington D.C. – 1967

March 1, 20130 Comments

Rare video footage from the vault of Taky Kimura of Bruce Lee doing a demonstration at Jhoon Rhee’s National Karate Championships. He was 26 years of age at this time. It took place at the Washington D.C. Armory on May 6th, 1967. You will also see footage of Mr. Rhee, Mr. Joe Lewis and Mr. Ed […]

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Happy Birthday to Brandon Bruce Lee!

February 2, 20137 Comments

Brandon Bruce Lee, born on February 1st 1965, would have turned 48 years old today. And it’s been nearly two decades since his tragic death during the filming of the movie “The Crow”. He was the son of the martial arts legend Bruce Lee and his wife Linda Emery and was born in Oakland, California. […]

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Ted Wong Seminar Footage

January 7, 20131 Comment

Sifu Ted Wong was one of Bruce Lee’s closest students and friends, and one of the few who was invited to train with Bruce Lee at his home. Sifu Ted joined Bruce Lee’s L.A. Chinatown school in 1967 (after Bruce’s lecture on the opening day of his school), and trained with him until circa 1972. […]

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The JKD Leg Obstruction

January 7, 20131 Comment

The JKD leg obstruction is a technique that is taught as part of Chinatown-era Jeet Kune Do taught by Sifu Tim Tackett’s JKD Wednesday Night Group (WNG). This technique was handed down from Bruce Lee to Sifu Bob Bremer and is one of the “bread and butter” techniques of the WNG brand of JKD. The […]

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Seminar with Sifu Richard Bustillo

December 19, 20121 Comment

This is a clip from a seminar with Sifu Richard Bustillo conducted in May 2012. Sifu Richard Bustillo is probably best known as one of the original students of Bruce Lee, and as one of the founders of the Kali Academy. Sifu Dan Inosanto and Sifu Bustillo opened the Kali Academy in 1973, to promote […]

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How to Increase Punching Power

December 6, 20122 Comments

There are many ways to develop and improve punching power. Power in your punches are what often separates a mediocre  and a good martial artist. Because it requires one to coordinate gravity and bodyweight in addition to pure strength and power (with the former marking the truly great fighter because it allows us to overcome […]

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