Russian Martial Arts

Russian Martial Arts Styles: Sibiriskiy Viun – RMA Systema SV

December 24, 20120 Comments

Sibirskiy Viun is another system coming out of the Kadochnikov System and is headed by Dmitry Skogorev who started his training in the Sambo section under DINAMO (in the 80s). Originally a SAMBO player in the 80’s, Dimitri began studying Russian style with a wide variety of notable teachers in the early 90’s. His school […]

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Casting Strikes: Destructive Punching Technique?

December 19, 20120 Comments

Casting of strikes uses a whipping motion – as if drawing a figure 8 with your finger in front of you. This movement is typically taught in a kinetic link that starts by engaging the shoulder, elbow to hand; to create enlongated whip like movement. Once it’s been learned you can compress this into smaller […]

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Russian Martial Arts Styles: Buza

December 15, 20121 Comment

Buza is one of the more traditional styles of Russian martial arts and is the basis on research of Grigorii Bazlov, who discovered existing fisticuffs, stick and knife fighting traditions in various villages in North Western Russia (Tver region). The training includes martial dancing along with armed and unarmed combat and includes the Cossack fighting system called […]

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Russian Martial Arts Systems

December 13, 20120 Comments

Russian Martial Arts have become quite popular in the west over the past 15 years or so. One of the more popular Russian systems of combat is the Systema of Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. However, this is only one of several systems out there. While the systems are not necessarily related, one could make […]

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