Ed Hart – Bruce Lee’s 2nd Student

February 9, 20131 Comment

Ed Hart was Bruce Lee’s 2nd student and started training with Bruce Lee before he started an official school in Seattle (they trained in parks and backyards), and also became a student of Bruce Lee’s gung fu institute.

However, he credited a lot of his develpment to his friend and roommate, Jesse Glover, who incidentally was was Bruce Lee’s first student.

Mr. Hart is known to have added quite a bit of grappling material to his version of Gung Fu as he felt it was a natural extension of the Gung Fu he learned.

He was known to have said:

“It doesn’t HAVE To have a name”

and just referred to his material as “our stuff” since it wasn’t JKD, Jun Fan or Wing Chun.

More on Ed Hart can be found in this interview on the JKD Brotherhood site.

Note: Video above is an Ed Hart tribute video.

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  • Tempa

    “It doesn’t HAVE To have a name”. love it! That’s some old school shit, lol. Labels, nationalities, styles etc… are too divisive & not unifying or a whole. Maybe good for the business but I love old school “stuff”, simple. direct & effective.

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