How to Increase Punching Power

December 6, 20122 Comments

There are many ways to develop and improve punching power.

Power in your punches are what often separates a mediocre  and a good martial artist. Because it requires one to coordinate gravity and bodyweight in addition to pure strength and power (with the former marking the truly great fighter because it allows us to overcome the limitation of size and strength).

This video will introduce several concepts and drill on how you can learn to punch harder and introduces you to proper body-mechanics, footwork, posture, delivery mechanisms and training drills, such as:

  • The Drop Step – popularized by Jack Dempsey in his book “Championship Fighting”. This principle is also often called the “Falling Step” or the “Dempsey Step”.
  • The “Heel – Toe Sway” – This principle teaches you to move your body weight from the front to the rear foot (or from rear to front) very quickly, allowing you to use momentum and bodyweight to deliver power.
  • Sudden Drop – A technique used in the Chinese martial art of Xing Yi. This uses the drop in bodyweight to deliver force in your strikes
  • The “Shoulder Whirl” – Another principle from Jack Dempsey (and his book “Championship Fighting”) and deals with the generation of power by whipping your shoulder forward and back (reciprocal movement).

You will also learn some out of the ordinary techniques (from a typical boxing / MMA perspective) such as the: Palm Hook and its variations, along with the Downward Smash; along with power drills and how to develop proper posture in punching.

You can also read the free companion PDF guide to this video on Scribd.

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  • Lance

    Thanks! One of the best videos I have seen yet. Great job! Jeremy Lynch has great demonstration skills and verbally describes techniques very well. He has all the signs of a excellent instructor. Thanks again, I will pass this along to fellow students!

  • Steve Lovsteen

    This was one of the best most professional videos on punching ive ever seen!I was fortunate to train with Sifu Bill Holland for over a decade and Jeremy is so much like my Sifu with his eloquent,detailed and explosive demonstration and teaching.I cant wait to share this sight with JKD friends and family.Great job Jeremy!Cant wait to see what you have in store with kicks!Very truly,Steve Lovsteen,

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