John Little: Wong Shun Leung Documentary

January 5, 20130 Comments

Mr. John Little, a renown Bruce Lee historian and author is in the process of getting funding for a new documentary film project on the late Wing Chun master Wong Shun Leung.

Wong Shun Leung, “the King of talking hands”, was known as the fighter amongst the Wing Chun clan with dozens of beimo (rooftop matches) under his belt… 

But he was probably most known as Bruce Lee’s friend and “big brother” in Wing Chun under their teacher Ip Man.

Mr. Little is seeking donations, and you can help him out by visiting the Wong Shun Leung Funding Appeal page.

Note: The video clip above is a trailer for the book “Look Beyond the Pointing Finger” written by long-time Wong Shun Leung student Sifu David Peterson about the life and combat philosophy of the late Wing Chun master.

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