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In this video on Karate by NHK World program “Samurai Spirit” hosted by renowned Kyokushin Karate-ka and former European Knock-Down Karate Champion Nicholas Pettas, you will discover not only his style of Karate but also Karate in Okinawa.

First he stops by the dojo of the famous Kyokushinkai knockdown fighter, Hajime Kazumi sensei. He is a 5-time All Japan Karate Champion, a record that still stands; and was also the World Weight Champion in 2001 and on the winning team of the World Team Cup in 1998.

He has also completed the famous 100-man kumite, known as one of the hardest physical and mental tests in all of Karate.

Nicholas then travels to Okinawa and visit the Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenshikai dojo of Tetsuhiro Hokama sensei, a Goju Ryu and Kobudo teacher and karate historian. He is a student of the legendary Seiko Higa, who studied with Kanryo Higaonna and Chojun Miyagi (the founder of modern Goju Ryu Karate). Hokama sensei also studied with Shinpo Matayoshi, an extremely well-known teacher of Kobudo (Okinawan weaponry). Under Matayoshi sensei he studied not only weapons, but also Hakutsuru-ken (crane fist), but also Kingai Ryu.

Hokama sensei is also the director of the Karate museum in Okinawa.

From there he travels to the Uechi Ryu Karate Okikukai – Chatan dojo of Shigeru Takmiyagi sensei (Hanshi, 10th Dan), where he undergoes some training in the Sanchin kata as well as “shime” (testing).

You also see a small clip of Morio Higaonna sensei during this visit, but unfortunately there was no interview footage from the visit to his dojo (only some footage of training and an interview of one of his students).

Nicholas also makes a stop in the Shorin Ryu Shubukan – Uema dojo. The dojo of Jyouki Uema sensei. Nicholas has a short interview with Yasuhiro Uema sensei who also later performs the Naihanchi shodan kata (from his style of Shorin Ryu, which descends from Chosin Chibana sensei).

There are other interviews and footage as well, including a short biography of Nicholas’ Karate background.

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