Legends of Wrestling: Karl Gotch vs Billy Robinson

November 14, 20140 Comments

gotch-robinsonBilly Robinson and Karl Gotch are legends in the world of wrestling. They both began their careers in Europe and later became famous in Japan as wrestlers and trainers, and they both were influential in the creation of the Japanese shoot style of wrestling (professional wrestling).

Robinson began his career as an amateur wrestler and becoming the British National and European Open Wrestling Champion (1957 and 1958 respectively); while Karl Gotch competed in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling in the 1948 Olymics.

They both ended up training at the “Snake Pit” (England) of legendary catch wrestling coach, Billy Riley (where Billy Robinson spent 8 years training).

Karl Gotch is probably best known for introducing the art of “hooking” to Japanese wrestlers, the most famous being the Japanese wrestler Yoshiaki Fujiwara; while Billy Robinson is perhaps more famous for training and influencing more recent champions, Kazushi Sakuraba and Josh Barnett.

The video shows a “worked” wrestling match-up between the two legends that took place on April 2nd, 1971.


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