Marriage of Aikido & Sambo: AikiSambo

November 10, 20141 Comment

A while back I came across an interesting amalgam of Aikido and Sambo, called AikiSambo (clever name).

It’s an art developed by Kenji Nakazawa sensei at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. Kenji Nakazawa sensei is a 5th Dan in Yoshinkan Aikido, and learned Sambo techniques from Victor Koga (who is a master of grappling arts, including Judo, Sambo and Wrestling. Koga sensei is also a technical advisor to AikiSambo).

aikisamboAikiSambo emphasizes natural movements and include striking (punching and kicking) to setup the throws, jointlocks and submission holds.

The techniques include:

  • Striking techniques for self-defense (keri and tsuki waza)
  • Joint-locking techniques above and below the waist (kansetsu waza)
  • Sacrifice throwing techniques (sutemi waza)
  • Many types of throws and submission techniques

The system is designed to use very specific principles to use strength effectively. AikiSambo is a self-defense system, where defensive techniques are the primary focus.

The video shows and AikiSambo demonstration in Russia by Podoynikov Andrey sensei (5th Dan, Yoshinkan Aikido).

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  • Nicholas Tan Rizal

    I viewed through the video and found it very interesting indeed. However the real interesting part is someone is able to combine both arts in to one. Sometimes termed as a ‘marriage between two arts’.
    Splendid indeed. It takes time and patience and courage to come up with something like that especially an idea away from the mainstream techniques and choose what is best. Of course disregarding what is not important.
    That is the Spirit.

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