Russian Martial Arts Styles: Buza

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Buza is one of the more traditional styles of Russian martial arts and is the basis on research of Grigorii Bazlov, who discovered existing fisticuffs, stick and knife fighting traditions in various villages in North Western Russia (Tver region).

The training includes martial dancing along with armed and unarmed combat and includes the Cossack fighting system called Spas as well as methods taught by Boris Timofeev (Prince Golistyn).

As opposed to many other systems of Systema, Buza start their practitioners out with hard fisticuffs training first and only later transition to the softer more sophisticated methods of fighting.

The system was preserved in part by Martial “artels”, a clan of men who’s job were to preserve peace and order (settle disputes, conflicts and participate in various martial contests) in the Northwestern parts of Russia.

Many of the lessons in Buza are passed on through various traditional games and dances, along with oral tradition of the arts.

The video footage is from Russian Television and is a demonstration of various aspects of Buza (including dance, fisticuffs, weapon training and more).

You can learn more about Buza on their website, and see many more videos of Mr. Bazlov and Buza on their Youtube Channel.

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  • anirban dutta

    the main buza website is all russian language ,so it is even difficult to subscribe news letters from it as i do not understand a single bit of russian , resulting is the dream of training in buza from russian masters and opening up an acdemy in india is literally difficult just because of communication gap.

    anirban dutta.

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