Russian Martial Arts Systems

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Russian Martial Arts have become quite popular in the west over the past 15 years or so.

One of the more popular Russian systems of combat is the Systema of Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. However, this is only one of several systems out there.

While the systems are not necessarily related, one could make the argument that the system of A. A. Kadochnikov could be considered the father of modern Systema.

The Kadochnikov Systema is a modification of old Russian style martial arts from his family and soft style combat sambo (Samoz developed by V.A. Spiridonov).

Alexei Kadochnikov was also influenced by Boris Timofeev (now deceased), a master of a family style of Russian Martial arts who also influenced other Russian martial arts notables such as: General Alexander Retuinskih, Dmitry Skogorev, Gregory Bazlov and many others.

Mr. Kadochnikov was at one time heavily funded by the Russian Government to further develop his system, and it has now known to be heavy on theory and includes the study of body mechanics, scientific principles / applied physics in combat and much of the training in the K-Systema revolves around what’s often known as “soft work”

It has also been adapted to deal with the realities of urban combat. In other words, being able to use the system in elevators, stairwells, inside vehicles etc.).

These days the training and teaching of the original Kadochnikov system is headed by Alexei Kadochnikov’s son, Arkadi, and his cadre of instructors.

There are many videos available online of Mr. Kadochnikov and his son Arkadi.

Here are some additional Russian Martial Arts systems that have started to become more known in the West:

This is by no means a comprehensive list and there are many other offshoots that are becoming known in the west. We’ll be adding future articles about the various systems in the future.

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