Russian Martial Arts Styles: Sibiriskiy Viun – RMA Systema SV

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Sibirskiy Viun is another system coming out of the Kadochnikov System and is headed by Dmitry Skogorev who started his training in the Sambo section under DINAMO (in the 80s).

Originally a SAMBO player in the 80’s, Dimitri began studying Russian style with a wide variety of notable teachers in the early 90’s.

His school has used as resources: Golistyn, Retuinskhi, Kadochnikov, Bazlov, and many other others (currently they have been working with Lavrov, who was a collegue of Kadochnikov).

Their tradition of fisticuffs is especially unorthodox and quite effective. They routinely compete in open martial arts tournaments with good success.

They employ a lot of the soft work of Kadochnikov System, but also include Russian fisticuffs and knife fencing as part of their training.

Like the Kadochnikov system, the training of hand-to-hand fighting is not focused on pre-arranged techniques against specific attacks, but instead focuses on a response based on natural laws. (Because the system relies on these natural laws / principles the response to physical attack does not rely on ‘force-on-force’ techniques).

There are many videos available of Sibiriskiy Viun by Dmitry Skogorev and Andrej Fuhrmann on Youtube, as well as the Sibirskiy Viun website.

The video above is a clip of the basic principles of Sibiriskiy Viun shot in 2008.

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