Steven Seagal Interview: Randy Couture Challenge

December 5, 20120 Comments

Randy Couture is known to have said that he would come out of retirement to fight Steven Seagal in the UFC.

Of course Mr. Couture said this in jest… but it seems Steven Seagal is actually taking this as a challenge!!!

In this interview (conducted by the MMA Hour) Mr. Seagal says: “I always thought that Randy was my friend and a gentleman. I’m kind of confused as to why he would say that”, and went on to say that “If Randy really wants to fight me, he can fight me anytime he wants… it will be for free… and it’ll be some place where there are no witnesses.”

He also gives his take on a potential GSP vs Andreson Silva fight, Jon Jones, Lyoto Machida, Stephan Bonnar, performance enhancing drugs and more…

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