Steven Seagal’s Aikido – The Path Beyond Thought

June 27, 20131 Comment

This documentary includes tons of footage of Steven Seagal’s Aikido and interviews with his students, and is titled “The Path Beyond Thought”. It should mentioned that this is NOT an instructional video, nor is it a “Seagal’s Aikido story” type of video.

It is really aimed, in my opinion, as a video for people uninitiated in Aikido and Steven Seagal’s skill in this art.

You’ll also get to see some footage of his days as an Aikido instructor in Japan at the Tenshin dojo in Osaka (he was the first foreigner who ran an Aikido dojo there), as well as footage from his early days teaching in the US and footage of him teaching at various seminars.

Some of the more interesting parts of this video must be the “randori” (free “sparring”) and the footage of his students’ black belt tests.

All in all, it’s an interesting video with some rarely seen footage… particularly for those who have not seen Seagal’s Aikido (aside from his movies).

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  • Eric

    If you notice the pictures on the wall in many of the scenes there is a V.C. on the wall that was at Ventura College in California in the late 80’s early 90’s in Ventura California.

    How do I know?
    I was there.
    Kibi Shi Kyokushin The severe Truth. Osu!

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