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Guro Dan Inosanto Quote – Twice as Good!

August 24, 20130 Comments

Awesome quote by Guro / Sifu Dan Inosanto – probably best known as a student and close friend of Bruce Lee. “I’m not as good as I want to be, But I’m twice as good as you think I am.” A martial arts legend in his own right, he holds advanced rank in many martial […]

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Guro Dan Inosanto Demonstration of Filipino Martial Arts / Kali

June 26, 20130 Comments

This is the complete footage of the demonstration by Guro Dan Inosanto at the Smithsonian Museum for the Filipino American History Month, which occurred on October 27th, 2010. In this video Guro Dan talks history of the Filipino Martial Arts, various weapons configurations of Kali (stick, knife etc.) as well as the use of the […]

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