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Marriage of Aikido & Sambo: AikiSambo

November 10, 20141 Comment

A while back I came across an interesting amalgam of Aikido and Sambo, called AikiSambo (clever name). It’s an art developed by Kenji Nakazawa sensei at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. Kenji Nakazawa sensei is a 5th Dan in Yoshinkan Aikido, and learned Sambo techniques from Victor Koga (who is a master of grappling arts, […]

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Lead Hand Striking in MMA

May 20, 20141 Comment

Striking skills in MMA have reached a very high level. To me, the greatest indicator of those skills is proficiency with the lead hand. Jack Dempsey wrote that when two boxers face off, if neither is a “knockout specialist, the one who is more effective with the left jab and left hook probably will win”. […]

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Punching From Angles

April 26, 20141 Comment

“Never finish an attack where you started”. All the great defensive boxers follow that rule, but using angles is about more than just evasion. I’ve put together a compilation video of some great fighters and how they’ve used angles to make their attacks nearly unstoppable. Check out Guillermo Rigondeaux, Roy Jones Jr., Yuriorkis Gamboa, Mike […]

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Top 10 Bruce Lee Movie Scenes

April 22, 20140 Comments

While Bruce Lee only completed four movies, he’s become a legend who’s often quoted and mimicked in movies. Here are the Top 10 Bruce Lee movie scenes, as seen in the accompanying video, according to Watchmojo: Number 10 – The Ice Factory Scene in “The Big Boss” This is the scene where Bruce Lee is outnumbered […]

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Karate Kid Rehearsals

January 6, 20140 Comments

It’s 30 years ago this year that the movie “Karate Kid” starring Pat Morita as the unforgettable Mr. Miyagi and Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso. I was 13 years old when Karate Kid came out. At the time I was training boxing and Tae Kwon Do. It really had a big impact in the way […]

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Legacy of Professor William Kwai Sun Chow

August 19, 20130 Comments

Professor William Kwai Sun “Thunderbolt” Chow, 1914 – 1987, was the creator of Chinese Kempo Karate. Professor Chow was known as the “Thunderbolt” by his peers because of his fierce fighting ability and the lightning fast and powerful techniques. Professor’s Kempo Karate drew on influences from several systems including: Karate (Japanese Karate), Kempo (Okinawan Karate), […]

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Historical Footage of Siamese Boxing

August 11, 20130 Comments

Historical Siamese Boxing footage from the 1920s… which eventually became known as “Muay Thai”. Because Thailand was still called Siam when this footage was filmed, there was no “Muay THAI” but was referred to as Muay Boran (which means “ancient boxing”), Siamese Boxing or Indo-Chinese Boxing (such as Pradal Serey, Lethwei, Muay Lao, Muay Boran, […]

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The Source of Bruce Lee’s “Be Water, My Friend” Quote

July 23, 20130 Comments

There are many famous quotations by Bruce Lee, and one of the most famous quotes is his “Be Water, My Friend” quote from his interview with Pierre Berton show. The video above contains the original source of the “Be Water” quote from the short-lived TV series “Longstreet”. The following is the original quote: “If you try […]

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