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Karate and White Crane Kung Fu Connection Documentary

July 20, 20131 Comment

This documentary called “Kung Fu Quest 2” made by RTHK covers the connection between Karate and White Crane Kung Fu. Karate practitioners travel around Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Okinawa to locate experts of White Crane Kung Fu and Karate (Goju Ryu). White Crane Kung Fu is one of the 5 Fujian (Fukien) Southern […]

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Guro Dan Inosanto Demonstration of Filipino Martial Arts / Kali

June 26, 20130 Comments

This is the complete footage of the demonstration by Guro Dan Inosanto at the Smithsonian Museum for the Filipino American History Month, which occurred on October 27th, 2010. In this video Guro Dan talks history of the Filipino Martial Arts, various weapons configurations of Kali (stick, knife etc.) as well as the use of the […]

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Kyuzo Mifune – the “god of judo”

May 24, 20130 Comments

Kyuzo Mifune is very possibly the best Judo exponent ever… often referred to as “God of Judo”. Mifune sensei began training Judo in 1903 at the Kodokan under the direction of the founder, Jigoro Kano, and received his Shodan (1st degree black belt) in 15 months.  4 short months later he was already a “Nidan” […]

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US Navy Hand to Hand Combatives by Wesley Brown

April 29, 20130 Comments

Lieutanant Commander Wesley Brown was the creator of the US Navy Pre-flight school (V-Five) hand-to-hand combatives in Iowa City, Iowa in 1942. Because LCDR Brown was a former wrestling coach at Northwestern University, he based his close-quarter combatives on traditional wrestling along with influences from Japanese Jujutsu (Judo). The inclusion of wrestling into his H2H combatives […]

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Bruce Lee Demonstration in Washington D.C. – 1967

March 1, 20130 Comments

Rare video footage from the vault of Taky Kimura of Bruce Lee doing a demonstration at Jhoon Rhee’s National Karate Championships. He was 26 years of age at this time. It took place at the Washington D.C. Armory on May 6th, 1967. You will also see footage of Mr. Rhee, Mr. Joe Lewis and Mr. Ed […]

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The 100-Man Kumite of Kyokushinkai

January 25, 20131 Comment

The 100-man kumite is known as one of the toughest tests of your endurance (both physically and mentally) in martial arts. It originates from Mas Oyama’s Kyokushinkai Karate, known for its ‘bare knuckle’ style of kumite (sparring). The 100-man kumite, also known as “Hyakunin Kumite” (百人組手) in Japanese, is one hundred 1.5 to 2 minute […]

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The Grandmasters: Another Ip Man Bio-Pic?

January 16, 20130 Comments

New movie by Wong Kar Wai called “The Grandmasters”, a film that was in development hell for quite some time, has recently been released in Asia (Hong Kong release was on January 10th, 2013). This is another movie featuring Ip Man, not part of the Ip Man franchise starring Donnie Yen. The movie is not a […]

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Ted Wong Seminar Footage

January 7, 20131 Comment

Sifu Ted Wong was one of Bruce Lee’s closest students and friends, and one of the few who was invited to train with Bruce Lee at his home. Sifu Ted joined Bruce Lee’s L.A. Chinatown school in 1967 (after Bruce’s lecture on the opening day of his school), and trained with him until circa 1972. […]

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