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First Televised MMA Match in America

October 28, 20150 Comments

Did you know that the first officially televised “MMA match” here in the US was not the UFC but a match between Milo Savage, a boxer, versus the legendary “Judo” Gene LeBell? Over 50 years ago?!? The bout took place on December 2nd, 1963 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The fight was arranged by Mr. […]

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Lead Hand Striking in MMA

May 20, 20141 Comment

Striking skills in MMA have reached a very high level. To me, the greatest indicator of those skills is proficiency with the lead hand. Jack Dempsey wrote that when two boxers face off, if neither is a “knockout specialist, the one who is more effective with the left jab and left hook probably will win”. […]

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