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Wing Chun Fighting Principles

January 23, 20133 Comments

Wing Chun is a practical martial art that teaches you to use science, tight economical structure and angles, to defeat an opponent. It is based on principles such as: Simplicity – simple techniques to neutralize attacks using proper structure (a triangle) Directness – the attack is delivered from point of origin (i.e. wherever your hand […]

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Wing Chun: Ip Ching Interview

January 14, 20130 Comments

Grand master Ip Ching was born in 1936 and is the youngest son of legendary master of Wing Chun Gung Fu, Ip Man. He is Ip Man’s 2nd son, his older brother being master Ip Chun. While he was introduced to Wing Chun at an early age, it was not until 1962 when he became […]

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John Little: Wong Shun Leung Documentary

January 5, 20130 Comments

Mr. John Little, a renown Bruce Lee historian and author is in the process of getting funding for a new documentary film project on the late Wing Chun master Wong Shun Leung. Wong Shun Leung, “the King of talking hands”, was known as the fighter amongst the Wing Chun clan with dozens of beimo (rooftop […]

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