Teaching Martial Arts Effectively

December 20, 20120 Comments

Teaching martial arts can be a big challenge… at times.

And learning how to teach martial arts is just as important as learning the physical skills of your chosen art.

If you’ve taught martial arts for any length of time, you know it can often be just as frustrating for you as the instructor as it is for the student when you are imparting new skills.

So, understanding how to guide a student through the technical skill development effectively is imperative.

Enter the Gracie’s.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Gracie’s (you know, the family that practically invented Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

One of the things that really make the Gracie’s stand out is their ability to impart technique to students of all levels.

In this teaching demonstration (the attached video), which is part of their Gracie Combatives instructor certification program, you will see that it’s not only good at teaching the techniques of jiu jitsu, but also very good at teaching others how to teach.

This is a very clear demonstration of how to teach someone by leading them through the sequence of movements instead of verbally instructing someone (which is typically the norm in many schools).

By leading the student, it gives them very little opportunity to misinterpret the instruction, which helps iron out any errors in understanding of the technique early on.

A very good demonstration and a great lesson to learn for a martial arts instructor of any art.

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