Ted Wong Seminar Footage

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Sifu Ted Wong was one of Bruce Lee’s closest students and friends, and one of the few who was invited to train with Bruce Lee at his home.

Sifu Ted joined Bruce Lee’s L.A. Chinatown school in 1967 (after Bruce’s lecture on the opening day of his school), and trained with him until circa 1972.

In this video tribute of Sifu Ted Wong, you’ll see seminar clips where he demonstrates and explains various aspects of Jeet Kune Do. This footage has Sifu Ted teaching in English (with Spanish translations) and includes items where he:

  • explains why you keep the lead hand lower in the on-guard stance
  • show some technical breakdown of the straight lead and the hook
  • explains how to have proper structure in striking and connecting the hip with the shoulder when punching.
  • demonstrates how to hit through the target (on a heavy bag)
  • demonstrates basic trapping principles (from reference point)
  • performs the hook kick and the side kick (with a brief explanation of how not to chamber the kick to the side during the side kick)

Please note that the seminar footage starts at minute 1:17 of the video.

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  • Tempa

    Wong SiFu was an excellent athlete & Jeet Kune do practitioner, a teacher in his own right. One can see by his professionalism in performance & execution of techniques in effortless naturalness. His deep understand & dedication to the art made him capable to carry & share this knowledge with those in pursuit. May you rest peace Wong SiFu.

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