The Bladed Hand: Interview with Jay Ignacio

December 28, 20120 Comments

This past fall, Jay Philip Ignacio traveled all across the United States showcasing his documentary on the Filipino Martial Arts called the “Bladed Hand”.

This documentary was filmed not only in the Philippine Islands but also in Hong Kong, Russia, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Bay area (Oakland). It features Filipino Martial Arts legends such as Master Diony Canete, Master Cacoy Canete, Guro Dan Inosanto, Master Christopher Ricketts, Master Remy Presas Jr and many more masters of the Filipino arts.

In the video above, you will see an 18-minute interview with Jay Ignacio on a Filipino national television program (on ABS-CBN) where he discusses various aspects of Filipino martial arts.

Below is a trailer from Jay’s documentary, “The Bladed Hand”,  set to be released on DVD in 2013:

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