The JKD Leg Obstruction

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The JKD leg obstruction is a technique that is taught as part of Chinatown-era Jeet Kune Do taught by Sifu Tim Tackett’s JKD Wednesday Night Group (WNG).

Bruce Lee demonstrating the leg obstruction on Dan Lee.

This technique was handed down from Bruce Lee to Sifu Bob Bremer and is one of the “bread and butter” techniques of the WNG brand of JKD.

The leg obstruction was one of about 14 unique things handed down to the Wednesday Night Group by Sifu Bremer and  is used for both attacking and defending against an attack.

It is a difficult technique at first because the shoulders are kept squared (as opposed to the “shin knee side kick” where the you are in more of a bladed position) and the foot is kept as horizontal as possible.

Here is a link to a recent article in Budo International magazine on the leg obstruction (in Spanish) that has several great photo sequences that show it in action.

You can also watch the video above where the leg obstruction is taught by Sifu Tackett at the 5 minute mark with Sifu Jeremy Lynch demonstrating (video courtesy of and Phantom Martial Arts).

This technique was forgotten until Sifu Bremer brought it to the Wednesday Night Group. It was dismissed by many practitioners as a fabricated technique until a photo of Bruce Lee performing the technique was brought to light (with Bruce Lee demonstrating the technique on Dan Lee).

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  • Tempa

    Yup, great! In keeping with JKD fundamentals & principles. “Less is more”.
    Thanks for sharing.

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