Top 10 Bruce Lee Movie Scenes

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While Bruce Lee only completed four movies, he’s become a legend who’s often quoted and mimicked in movies. Here are the Top 10 Bruce Lee movie scenes, as seen in the accompanying video, according to Watchmojo:

Number 10 – The Ice Factory Scene in “The Big Boss”

This is the scene where Bruce Lee is outnumbered in the Ice Factory (in Thailand) where he was unarmed against armed villains (with knives and icepicks).

“The Big Boss” was also known  as “Fists of Fury”, released in 1971 and directed by Lo Wei. This is the the movie that skyrocketed Bruce Lee into stardom all across Asia.

Number 9 – Nunchaku fight in “Way of the Dragon”

This is the scene where Bruce Lee is taken into a back alley to be killed… where he initially defends himself with a staff, then when the backup is called he mysteriously pulls out two pair of nunchaku (nunchucks).

“The Way of the Dragon” was released as “The Return of the Dragon” in the United States.

Number 8 – Top Secret Underground Lair in “Enter the Dragon”

This is the scene where Lee, Bruce Lee’s character, sneaks down into the underground lair of Han (the villain) where he has to defeat waves of henchmen. This is a pretty cool fight scene as he goes from empty hand to a staff; then to a pair of sticks (metal rods);  and as in #8… finishes them off with a pair of the nunchucks.

This is also the scene where we see Jackie Chan get beat up by Lee!

Number 7 – The Giant in “Game of Death”

This is part of the pagoda scene in the Game of Death where Bruce Lee’s character Hai Tien faces a number of villains… including the GIANT, played by none other than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

It is an interesting scene watching the 5′ 6″ (1.71m) tall Lee fight his student in real life, a 7′ 2″ (2.18m), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Number 6 – Fight with O’Hara in “Enter the Dragon”

Classic fight with O’Hara, played by Bob Wall” where the quote “boards don’t hit back!” was first used.

In the scene where Bob Wall’s character breaks the bottles, Bruce accidentally jammed his hand into the broken bottle (they were using real broken bottles during this fight scene).

Number 5 – Fight with Petrov in “Fist of Fury”

Petrov was the big Russian played by Bruce Lee’s real-life student, Robert Baker. This is the scene where Bruce’s infamous “blurry hands” was first seen.

“Fist of Fury” was originally released as the “Chinese Connection” in the US.

Number 4 – The Dojo Scene in “Fist of Fury”

Another classic fight with Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee) beating up an entire judo school and make them “eat their words” by making them eat paper bearing derogatory words about their school (Jing Wu school).

One of the more comical features of this fight scene for the astute martial arts enthusiast is that the Japanese students are wearing their hakama (long divided skirt looking pants) are worn backwards.

Number 3 – Final Battle in the “Big Boss”

This is a revenge battle where Bruce Lee’s character Cheng, who had made a pledge of non-violence, avenges the murder of his family by killing Hsiao Mi (the villain) by thrusting his fingers into his chest.

Number 2 – Hall of Mirrors in “Enter the Dragon”

An iconic  fight against Mister Han in the hall of mirrors. This is the fight where he acquires the scratches across his body and cheek by the claw wearing Han… one of the most popular images of Bruce Lee.

Number 1 – The Colosseum in “Way of the Dragon”

This is a classic fight with Chuck Norris in the tunnels of the Colosseum in Rome. Not only was Bruce starring in the lead role in front of the camera, he was also the man behind the camera (and he wrote it as well).

Bruce Lee also choreographed fight scene where it displays his talents in full… he was able to capture the speed, timing and the control of distance masterfully.

While I may not agree 100% with the selections here, I think they did a pretty good job. My favorite scene with Bruce was not selected among these: the Longstreet episode on “The Way of the Intercepting Fist”… probably because it was from a TV series, not a movie.

Which are your favorite Bruce Lee scenes?

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