Training Exercises for Hand Speed, Balance and Reflexes

December 10, 20120 Comments

Here are four very simple drills you can do at home with and without a partner to develop your reflexes, hand speed, balance and equilibrium.

These exercises are taught by former Light Welterweight Boxing Champion, Kostya Tzyu.

Boxing speed drillsHere’s a list of exercises from this video:

Exercise 1 – Simple Coin Toss
Simple solo drill for improving your hand speed.

Exercise 2 – Coin Drop (with partner)
Great for improving reflexes and speed dramatically.

Exercise 3 – The Spinning Exercise (with partner)
Great to develop balance and equiplibrium.

Exercise 4 – Solo Spinning Exercise
Spin one direction first, then stop… if you feel good spin in the opposite direction.

Kostya Tzyu was the first in over 30 years to unify the light welterweight division in 2001 after a KO win over Zab Judah.

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