Wing Chun Fighting Principles

January 23, 20133 Comments

Wing Chun is a practical martial art that teaches you to use science, tight economical structure and angles, to defeat an opponent.

It is based on principles such as:

Simplicity – simple techniques to neutralize attacks using proper structure (a triangle)

Directness – the attack is delivered from point of origin (i.e. wherever your hand is at any given time).

Economy of Motion – no wasted movement or large movements.

Attack and Defense as one – the attack and defense occurs simultaneously. One hand neutralizes the force (defends against the attack) while the other strikes.

Check out this info graphic which explains the fighting principles of Wing Chun at the most basic level:

Wing Chun Fighting Principles

Sifu David Peterson, a student of the legendary Wong Shun Leung, in an interview explained Wing Chun fighting principles as:

“When an attack comes towards you, you intercept and meet with it. If they retreat you follow it and keep pressure on. When contact is lost, you attack”.

Here’s an excerpt of an interview with Sifu David Peterson from a longer documentary which was part of the Australasian release of the movie “Ip Man”.

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      I correct myself I apologize GM Chung came after that :) but he was a student of GM Yip Mans as well :)

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