Woman Raped by BJJ Practitoners – Gracie Family Speak Out

January 18, 20130 Comments

On New Year’s eve a terrible incident occurred where a woman was raped by 2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. The incident took place on the East Coast (Washington D.C.) and the victim as well as the perpetrators knew each other as they train at the same BJJ school.

While this heinous act does not have anything to do with BJJ directly, it does raise some questions in regards to the moral responsibilities of instructors as well as their students.

It was common for instructors in the past to temper the power they are arming their students with, with a code of honor. With such a focus on competition and winning, it also begs to question whether the moral and “spiritual” dimension of martial arts training is eroding?

This type of a crime really puts things in perspective; there are important values, philosophy and training left out of competitive sportive BJJ training (and other sports oriented martial arts) and that one should never forget the self-defense and mental aspects of training.

Huge props to the Gracie family, Ryron and Rener, for speaking out regarding this.

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